1. S H A R E

  2. F A C E B O O K

  3. T W I T T E R

  4. W H A T S A P P

  5. P I N T E R E S T

  6. L I N K E D I N


Fahad Alrajhi Group invests heavily in education. By partnering with local and international organizations and institutes, the group brings the best in education, training, conferences, and events to provide talented individuals with scholarship opportunities.

The scope was to rebrand and produce high-end stationery print and create a modern yet luxury website portraying the services with custom forms for scholarship and investment enquires.

  • Client

    Fahad Alrajhi Group

  • Scope

    Branding, Print
    Copywriting, Translation
    Art Direction, Photo Retouching
    Web Design & Development

  • Year


Reforming the emblem containing the three letters of Fahad’s name in Arabic with a gold texture for luxury.

Brand Identity

The colours were derived from the gold for the emblem rendered out to rustic cumins complemented with a dark grey to contrast the gold. The gold represents the luxury of the brand and the quality of services of funding and scholarships. The sans-serif typefaces were used for English and Arabic for a clean modern layout.



  • Body


The stationery was printed on high-end graphite paper – the business cards are a combination of three pasted layers with gold gilding around the edges maintaining the consistency of grey and gold contrast of the brand. A custom wax seal stamp is a complementary addition to gold wax to seal the envelopes.

Web Design

The website scope was to be designed with a corporate look, and a luxury modern feel. The multilingual website portrays the services provided by the group with custom forms for scholarship and investment inquiries.


The responsive adaptation of the desktop layout to tablet and mobile keeping the user flow simple and minimal in both languages is essential for the usability of the platform for all mobile users. The implementation of the custom forms for the scholarship and investment inquiries was a success for user engagement.

*The photos and videos provided by the client

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