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Immersive Experiences is an investment fund formed to launch and operate flagship entertainment and leisure-based concepts, they focus on distinct, fresh, innovative concepts capable of engaging audiences effectively through rich and stimulating experiences.

The scope was to create a brand with a futuristic and immersive tech feel to be reflected across the platform offline, and online.

  • Client

    Immersive Experiences

  • Scope

    Branding, Print,
    Copywriting, Web Design
    Web Development

  • Year


A merged logotype with the joint X emblem emphasizing the x factor of the immersive futuristic experiences.

Brand Identity

The primary colour derived from a is a very saturated very light cold azure. Blue has a calming effect on the psyche reflects the immersive encounter of the users. This bright colour was complemented with shades of grey to form the dark space theme. The sans-serif typefaces were implemented to add to the modern tech feel.



  • Body


The business cards are comprised of two pasted layers of high-end paper. Textured Stardream Onyx Paper with stamped foils consisted of a blue foil and silver one. The elite rigid cards stand out to represent the high-end standards of the brand.

Web Design

The multilingual website was designed to reflect the tech feel enriching the viewing experience with this futuristic look. The modern layout showcases NDP’s amazing projects and events in a proficient manner for the user experience throughout the website on all devices.


The responsive adaptation of the desktop layout to tablet and mobile was seamless keeping the user flow simple and minimal for the usability and viewing experience of NDP’s portfolio and events for all the mobile users.

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