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Greyhound Motion Pictures is a video production company operating across numerous media channels. They connect with their audiences through creative storytelling and they produced motion pictures for some of the world’s most admired companies and Influencers.

The scope was to rebrand and design a modern website that visualizes their beautiful portfolio collection to ease the user experience throughout the website on all devices.

  • Client

    Greyhound Motion Pictures

  • Scope

    Rebranding, Print
    Copywriting, Photo Retouching
    Web Design & Development

  • Year


Reforming the greyhound leap through the letters with the contrast to standout, the leap indicates the motion and symbolizes the quality of motion pictures.

Brand Identity

Turquoise as the primary color represents the tranquility of the creative process, the clarity and calmness have tranquil energy in storytelling, this bright color was complemented with shades of grey to form the darkroom theme. The sans-serif typefaces were implemented to add to the modern feel.



  • Body


Web Design

The website was designed to reflect the darkroom feel enriching the viewing experience with this cinematic look. The modern layout showcases Greyhound’s beautiful portfolio and simplifies the user experience throughout the website on all devices.


The responsive adaptation of the desktop layout to tablet and mobile was seamless keeping the user flow simple and minimal for the usability and viewing experience for all the mobile users.

*Photos and videos provided by the client

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